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Useful Information

Frequently asked Questions (FAQ) 

The information in this website is intended to increase predictability to all stakeholders and to facilitate communication with them. A number of Frequently Asked Questions have been prepared to help stakeholders understand more the requirements in this area. 

Proposal by the EU Commission on a Regulation on veterinary medicinal product and a Regulation on Medicated Feed.

The purpose of these revisions is to increase the availability of veterinary medicinal products and Medicated Feeds , to reduce the administrative burden on enterprises, to improve the functioning of the internal market for veterinary medicinal products and Medicated Feeds and to assess the possibilities to have an improved response to antimicrobial resistance.

Information in this website

The information in this website is regularly reviewed and updated in line with the rapidly evolving legislative, regulatory and technical areas. 

The Veterinary Medicines Section does not take responsibility of the concepts as understood, or misunderstood, by the reader. 

The information present in this website is not to be considered as professional consultancy material. Stakeholders are responsible for their own decisions in accordance with the existent legislation and Department's requirements. 

The information and instructions contained in this website has guidelines prepared by the Veterinary Medicines Section for the benefits of its stakeholders. Interested parties are encouraged to refer to the legislation proper, i.e. LN 179/2021​, Subsidiary Legislation 437.47, Veterinary Medicinal Products Regulations and Subsidiary Legislation 437.73​ on  Medicated Feed, both under Chapter 437, Veterinary Services Act​.

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