Application Forms for Quality Wines

​Forms for Vintners: 

Application for a Vintner's License   EN MT
License in order to be able to prepare, make or bottle locally produced or imported wine and wine related products.

Application for DOK/IGT Certification – Form A      EN MT
Application filled by the winery for wine that needs to be certified as DOK/IGT.
Production Declaration     EN MT
Declaration by wineries of wine production.

Stocks Declaration     EN MT
Declaration by wineries of stock at winery.

Forms for Grape Growers:

Variation of the Wine Potential     EN MT
Form concerned with the registration of new plantings, grubbing up or replanting of vines.

Harvest Declaration     EN MT
Declaration of grapes harvested.

Wine Labelling Information:

Self-assessment document for wine producers and any interested parties reflecting obligations related to the wine labelling obligations.