When an operator participates in the scheme, that operator must satisfy the following criteria:

a) Abide to all applicable EU and National Regulations in connection with the production of agro-food products and conditions of employment;

b) Follow the rules for the implementation of the scheme as established by the Director;

c) Abide to the product specifications relative to the product for which participation in the scheme is being sought;

d) Be subject to a system of controls with a Control Body recognised by the Directorate

e) Adopt a traceability system in line with the guidelines established by the Director in the Government Gazette.

An actor who wants to participate in the Scheme shall submit to the Director an application form to the Agricultural Directorate.  The Director shall on receipt of the application verify that all the requested information and documentation has been submitted and that the applicant fulfils the required criteria. If the information is verified to be correct and the applicant fulfils these criteria the actor shall enter a system of controls which if successful will ultimately lead to a certificate of adherence to the ‘Products of Quality’ National scheme.

Vegetables, milk, strawberries, olives, honey and grapevine