Office of the Director General

​The Director General (Fisheries & Aquaculture) is responsible for the fisheries and aquaculture sectors including:

  • the conservation of naturally occurring fish stocks;
  • the taking of such measures as may be considered appropriate for the protection of fish stocks from the effects of pollution whether continuous or short term and from the effects which are harmful or potentially harmful to fish stocks, and measures taken to eliminate or control pollution;
  • the assessment of fish stocks and the collection of statistics including details of catches;
  • the development and management of fisheries;
  • the maintenance of a record of fishing vessels, their masters, captains, crew and any other person working on them;
  • the monitoring, control and surveillance of fishing operations;
  • the regulation of the conduct of fishing operations including aquaculture and operations ancillary thereto;
  • the issue, variation, suspension and revocation of permits and licences for fishing, and equipment used for fishing, aquaculture, transhipment and other activities for which permits or licences are required under the Fisheries Conservation and Management Act;
  • the collection of fees in respect of permits and licences and of entries in the fishing vessels register as well as the collection of fees for licences issued for all other categories of permits and licences mentioned in  paragraph above;
  • the taking of appropriate measures in consultation with such authority as may from time to time be responsible for the environment for the safeguard against extinction of protected species;
  • any other matters which shall require administration under the Fisheries Conservation and Management Act.