The Commissioner

​The Commissioner for Animal Welfare

The Commissioner for Animal Welfare is appointed by the Prime Minister after consultation with the Minister, according to article 44A (1). The responsibilities to his office is: 

To promote the implementation of and the compliance with the provisions of Chapter 439, the Animal Welfare Act;

Promote and Advocate for animal welfare and the highest standards of health, keeping and treatment of animals;​

Promote educational campaigns and social dialogue on issues related to animal welfare;

Cooperate and make arrangements with entities or persons interested in animal welfare to enable the Commissioner to better monitor the implementation of and compliance with the provisions of this Act; 

To make recommendations to the Minister and the Council on the making of standards, guidelines and regulations related to animal welfare; 

Review and investigate, either out of his own motion or following a complaint received by him, the functions and workings of the Council, the Directorate of Veterinary Services, or the Directorate responsible for Animal Welfare; 

Prepare and publish a report of the findings in any formal investigation and shall include in it such recommendations and redress as appears to be necessary or expedient; and 

The performance of such other functions as may from time to time be assigned to the Commissioner by the Minister.