The Commissioner for Animal Welfare

The Commissioner of Animal Welfare Ms Alison Bezzina 

 The Commissioner for Animal Welfare is Alison Bezzina who was appointed in November 2020 for a period of one year. The Commissioner for Animal Welfare works to safeguard the rights and welfare of animals in Malta and Gozo.

Before being appointed Commissioner for Animal Welfare, Alison Bezzina was a well-known animal activist, an avid animal lover who consistently raised awareness and fought for animal rights across the country. She had been at the forefront of the fight for animal rights for over two decades and used her writing and blogging to highlight animal-related issues.

With a Masters Degree in Media Studies from The University of London, Ms Bezzina plans to put Animal Welfare high on the national agenda and to raise awareness among the public. She believes that education and law enforcement are the key to reducing cases of animal abuse and suffering. 

The Commissioner for Animal Welfare is appointed by the Prime Minister after consultation with the Minister, according to article 44A (1).