Support Services

Support Services

The role of Support Services within the Agriculture and Rural Payments Agency (ARPA), together with the Front Office, is fulfilled by the Administration Office and IT Solutions.

Administration Office
The function of the Administration Office is to provide support as necessary to the core units within the Agriculture and Rural Payments Agency (ARPA).

The unit is responsible to overlook travel arrangements for all officers in accordance to the Manual on Transport and Travel Policies and Procedures.

It is also the responsibility of the unit to issue and monitor procurement required by ARPA.

Manage and participate in various Boards in line with the relative legal frameworks and terms of reference.

Manage and coordinate logistics in relation to internal and external meetings.
Overlooks the procedure for the timely issue of purchase Orders through the appropriate systems and availability of petty cash.

Administering functions related to human resources. 


IT Solutions
The IT Solutions Unit is mainly responsible for the determination, analysis and implementation of business requirements throughout the ARPA’s IT systems. The three main objectives of our holistic approach are:
  • Accountability
  • Transparency
  • Simplification

The major role assigned to this Unit is to oversee the successful implementation of software modules in support of ARPA’s business processes. This role involves:
  • Co-ordination in analysis, development, testing, implementation, training and acceptance of new and amended IT modules
  • Managing prioritised development schedules with the supplier to align the development requested with the priorities set by the business users
  • Maintaining user profiles for its systems and granting or restricting user access as required
​The ARPA’s IT System provides holistic management of all aspects of the payment claim lifecycle from opening of the applications, through the controls phase and convocations, to issuance of the payment files and accountancy. Some of the characteristics of ARPA’s system are:
  • Based on web enabled technologies; to support both internal staff and external beneficiaries
  • Supports the use of staff from various delegated bodies
  • Reduce systems maintenance by affecting changes centrally
  • A single system point of reference for applications information spanning multiple campaigns
  • Business users can retrieve information on demand as needed
  • Received positive remarks form past EU and internal audits
  • Support the use of mobile devices (Laptops and GPS), for business processes and enhancing contact with the beneficiaries
  • Provide support for all aid measures implemented at the Agriculture and Rural Payments Agency (ARPA)