Payments Unit

Payments Unit

​The objectives of the Unit:

The principal objective of Unit C4 - Payments is to execute authorised payments uploaded in the Paying Agency Management Software (PAMS) to the correct beneficiary.

The functions of the Unit are:
        • Administrative checks on files authorised for payment
        • Execution of authorised payments
        • Reconciliation of payments
        • Reconciliation of monthly payments with Unit C5 - Accounts
        • Monitoring expenditure of EAGF and EAFRD funds allocated to Malta
        • Management of the Agriculture and Rural Payments Agency bank accounts
        • Management of Securities to cover advance payments (Rural Development) and trading licences (agricultural products).

The roles and responsibilities of the Unit C4 - Payments:

The Unit C4 Payments is responsible for the execution of authorised payments to the correct beneficiary by set deadlines, and eventually, to perform reconciliation of each transaction.  Monitoring of EAGF and EAFRD expenditure also falls within the responsibilities of the Unit. The Unit manages the securities received by the Agriculture and Rural Payments Agency and hence is responsible for forfeiting amounts when a beneficiary/importer does not honour his/her obligations.

Details of the Common Agricultural Policy payments are published on this website to meet the requirements of Regulation (EU) No 1306/2013 of the European Parliament and of the Council​.