Online Registration Service

Online Registration Service

​                                                                                                        AGĦFAS HAWN​ għal Verżjoni bil-Malti
Welcome to the on-line service offered by the Paying Agency whereby farmers and livestock breeders can gain access to their Farmer Registry.


By applying for this service one has the facility to have all year round access from the comfort of their home to the following information: 
    • Customer Registration – Personal information including Name, Date of Birth, ID Card Number, VAT number and Home/Postal Address
    • IBAN - Top – The details of the bank account/s in which entitled aid is deposited by the Paying Agency. One will be able to also view the inactive accounts marked with a letter N under the title [Default]. The Bank Account number may also be changed by downloading a new Bank Payment Form  from this Website.
    • Beneficiary Payments – The amount of aid deposited in the bank account dating back to Claim Year 2008. The total value in Euros does not include any deductions.
    • Entitlements – The type and value of entitlements.
    • Land Use – The type of land use of each parcel in one’s holding in numerical form.
    • Graphical Land Use - A satellite image/ortophoto of all the parcels within one’s holding.
    • Documents – A list of documents that were presented to the Paying Agency.
    • Validation – The facility to print the validation document which includes all the declarations and information in one’s Registry.
    • Applications – A list of applications submitted dating back to Claim year 2008.

For New Registration (to gain access to Farmer Registry) CLICK HERE
To download Guidelines regarding New Registration CLICK HERE


To access the Farmer Registry (if you already have a username and password) CLICK HERE​​
To download Guidelines on how to access the Farmer Registry CLICK HERE​

In case of difficulty kindly contact us by email​ or by phone on 2292 6148.