Mobile App Information

Mobile App Information


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BiedjaCam mobile application features crop plan management and a streamlined storm damage application process. Both functionalities are based on geo-tagged photo technology.

As a farmer, you can easily insert the crops growing in your fields. Photos of the growth progress can be taken directly through BiedjaCam. Should a storm occur that damages the crops, the photos in BiedjaCam taken before the storm will serve as proof of what crops were being grown. This process will help the Government to better aid the farmers. 

The app also includes the following functionalities:
Receive important reminders and notifications from ARPA
Reply to messages sent by ARPA
See all your registered parcels
Follow EU aid applications
See all payments received

How to activate your account and log in 

This video demonstrates how to activate your account and log into the BiedjaCam app. To use this app, it is important to have an existing IACS account. If you are registered with IACS but do not have a password, click on “activate account”. If you forgot your password, click on the “reset password” button. Once you activate your account, you can log in and start using the app. 


How to add crops and take geo-tagged photos

This guided video demonstrates how to add a crop, declare your crop type, planting and harvest dates. In addition, it shows you how to take geo-tagged photos of your crops and declare crop stages. 


How to apply for Storm Aid Application

This video will guide you how to apply for the storm aid application. The procedure is relatively simple. First, take photos of the damaged crops, visit the storm aid page, click on apply now and follow the procedure. At the end of the process, download the application form, fill it in, sign it and send it along with all the relevant documentation to the Front Office. From the mobile app BiedjaCam, you can update your existing aid application. Add new photos of crops that were previously claimed or replace the existing application when submitting photos of damaged crops that were not originally claimed.