The Rural Development Programme for Malta 2014 - 2020

What’s new?

Malta’s 2007-2013 Rural Development Programme (RDP) comprised various measures falling under one of the identified 5 priority axes.  This axis structure has been abolished, however, in the new RDP, and has been replaced by a total of six EU-wide priority areas, which are further sub-divided into eighteen focus areas.  Furthermore, Malta’s RDP 2014-2020 has been developed around the five main needs for the local agriculture sector, namely:

·        Water, wastes and energy

·        Maltese quality produce

·        Sustainable livestock

·        Landscape and environment

·        Wider rural economy and quality of life

These needs were identified during the extensive consultation process carried out leading up to the development of Malta’s RDP 2014-2020, taking into account the feedback from the numerous stakeholders who participated, as well as the results of a SWOT analysis of the sector.  In this respect, the most suitably deemed RDP support measures were selected and included in an effort to positively address the afore-mentioned local needs.

The total 2014-2020 RDP budget amounts to almost €130 million, which marks a significant increase of around €30 million when compared with the 2007-2013 budget.  The RDP support will be co-financed by the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development (EAFRD), which will cover 75% of the total budget, and the Maltese Government which will cover the remaining amount.  It is worth noting that the EAFRD Regulation obliges MS to earmark a minimum of 30% to actions which contribute to the achievement of EU-wide climate change targets and objectives.

RDP Support

A total of thirteen different measures (including the technical assistance measure) have been programmed under Malta’s RDP 2014-2020, measures which are each sub-divided in a number of other sub-measures.  The 2007-2013 for which there was most demand have been replicated and enhanced, and the new programme offers similar alternatives as explained below:



RDP 2007-2013

RDP 2014-2020

Knowledge transfer and information actions

Measure 111

Measure 1

Advisory services

Measures 114 and 115

Measure 2


Measures 121, 123 and 125

Measure 4

Agri-environment and less favoured areas

Measures 212 and 214

Measures 10 and 13


Measures 41, 421 and 431

Measure 19

It is important to note that though these measures are similar in scope, there are still some differences with respect to eligibility conditions and costs, selection criteria, etc.

Apart from the above, there are also a number of measures under the new programme which are entirely new for Malta, namely:

·        Measure 6 – Farm and business development

·        Measure 8 – Investments in forest area development and improvement of the viability of forests

·        Measure 16 – Cooperation

·        Measure 17 – Risk management

For more information about these measures and rural development support, you may access Malta’s Rural Development Programme 2014-2020 which is published on the Managing Authority’s website by CLICKING HERE or download the relevant measure guidance notes for the submission of applications HERE 

Furthermore, you may also contact the Agriculture and Rural Payments Agency (ARPA) by sending an email to arpa.mafa@gov.mt​ or calling 22 92 61 48.