Promotional Services

The Animal Welfare Promotion and Services Directorate takes part in a number of activities to promote animal welfare and educate on the subject.  In fact, our Team frequently participates in fairs and exhibitions, appears on radio and television interviews upon invitation, and delivers talks in schools and other educational institutions, as well as taking part in discussions related to Animal Welfare Services and Enforcement organised by NGO’s or groups, in order to promote the services it provides and create further awareness regarding animal welfare.

Invitations for our Team to appear on television or radio programmes, to address students in schools, and/or to participate in events hosted by NGOs or clubs, with the intention of discussing issues related to Animal Welfare may be forwarded to the Animal Welfare Promotion and Services Directorate via e-mail at Such invitations should include the request, date and time of activity, information regarding the intended audience, as well as a contact person and a relative contact number for our Team to be able to revert.​

stidents participating in event promoteed by animal welfare