We are pleased to announce that the FRAMEWORK CONTRACT FOR THE PROVISION OF TRAPPING, 
STRAY CATS is now online. Interested parties may 
submit their offer by clicking HERE​ :

The closing date for submission of offers is the 24th of June 2022 at 10.00am.



Persons  approved  to  supply  veterinary  medicinal  products may offer such products for sale at a distance only if a common logo, which includes a hyperlink to the Veterinary Medicines Section ‘s website, is included in the website offering sale at a distance. 

The purpose of this logo is to  assist the public in finding out whether a  website offering such products for sale at a distance is approved by the Veterinary Medicines Section for such an activity. 

Coronavirus FAQ's in relation to animals.         EN ​| MT​

Viral Haemorrhagic Disease (VHD) is a highly infectious viral disease that can affect both domestic and wild rabbits. Although the disease affects only rabbits, transmission may  occur by direct contact between infected animals, carcasses, urine, faeces, respiratory secretions, and hair. More information on VHD can be found by following link​.

Il-Viral Hemorrhagic Disease hija marda tal-fniek kontaġġuża, ikkawżat minn virus. Il- VHD ġeneralment tikawża mewt rapidu u f’daqqa, bi ftit twissija. Għal aktar kjarifika jew informazzjoni ara dan l artiklu​, jekk  issib fniek mejtin kemm domestici kif ukoll slavag, jekk jogħġbok ikkuntattja s-sezzjoni tas-Saħħa tal-Annimali fuq: 22925232 22925195 22925202

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