Administration And Operations

The Administration and Operations Unit within the Animal Health and Welfare Department supports the Director General’s Office and the line directorates including the National Veterinary Laboratory on horizontal administrative and operational issues.

The unit issues polices and internal procedures and oversees the day-to-day running of the Department. In addition, the unit supports in the medium to long term planning of the Department.  The unit oversees cross-cutting issues pertaining to the Department including financial planning and procurement, human resources and capacity building, registry services, travel, transport, precincts management, stores and inventory management, maintenance and repair, messenger services, liaison and coordination with the line directorates. The unit also oversees the efficient and proper utilisation of funds and asset management in line with the Government Procurement Regulations, regulations concerning Financial Policy and Management, and the Fiscal Responsibility Act. The customer care office within the Administration and Operations Unit coordinates issues related to requests for service and information with the relevant customer care office within the line directorates.

In addition, the unit is actively involved in monitoring the Department's performance in relation to business plans, operational plans and project management. It is also coordinates adherence by the Department to legislation in force, service wide directives, polices including but not limited to the Public Administration Act, Data Protection, Freedom of Information, ICT, family friendly measures and occupational health and safety.