Organic Seed Database for Malta

​​The Maltese, Official National Database for Organic Seed Availabil​​ity


In line with EU Regulation (EC)  No. 889/2008 Article 48​, a national database has been established to list the varieties for which organic seeds and organic seed potatoes obtained and certified via the organic production method are available in the Maltese Islands. The Plant Protection Department have been designated the administration and management of the seed database. 

The scope of the database is to share information on the availability of organic propagating material and thus facilitate the acquisition of organic certified seeds to the organic farming community. If you search the database and find the varieties you need are not available you must request a derogation from the Agriculture Directorate before purchasing and using non-organic seeds.

It is mandatory for organic seed/potatoes suppliers to register all organic propagating material available in Malta with the seed database administrators (Plant Protecti​on Department​). Additionally, suppliers that are also generating, packaging, and/or participating in the labelling of organic seeds must also submit their activity to the organic control system administered by Malta Competition and Consumer Affairs Authority (Control Authority).

In order to register any organic seed, you must obtain and provide the following details:
  • The scientific name of the species and the variety denomination;
  • The name and contact details of the supplier of his representative;
  • The area where the supplier can deliver the seed or seed potatoes to the user  and the usual time needed for the delivery;
  • The date from which the seed or seed potatoes will be available;
  • The name and/or code number of the control authority or control body in charge of controlling the operator as referred to in Article 27 of Regulation (EC) No 834/2007.

Please help us to make sure that the database is up to date by reporting any inaccuracies or outdated information. For further information please contact the Agriculture Directorate or the Plant Protection Directorate.

Click here​ to access the Organic Seed Database​