Organic Production and Labelling

Organic Production and Labelling

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Organic food is the product of an agricultural farming system that aims to produce food using natural substances and processes which place a strong emphasis on environmental protection, animal welfare with consumers confident in their purchase carrying the EU organic logo. The organic logo can only be used on products that have been certified as organic by an official certification body and/or authority. marketing chain.

The Agriculture Directorate is the Competent Authority for the national regulation through implementation of Legal Notice 15 of 2018. The organic sector is seen as pivotal for the future of farming so as to ensure sustainable farming practices, healthier foods, internationally recognised traceability systems as well as helping to address ever increasing market demands consequently making Organic production a key part of the European Green deal policy objectives.

The total agricultural land under organic cultivation in the Maltese Islands is steadily growing, consisting of circa 66 hectares represented by 25 certified farmers together with other certified operators in Malta involved in the processing, importation and trade of organic goods. Organic production and certification is regulated by various European Council and Commission Regulations. These are also supplemented with various regulations ensuring a holistic regulatory framework covering all aspects of the organic food marketing chain.


The Competent Authority has the objective for the effective implementation of the organic farming production and labelling rules. The proper monitoring of the regulatory framework is essential to ensure that organic production and all processes throughout the food chain are adhered to and merit the organic logo, which is representative worldwide.

Directorates Role:

The Directorate’s role is to serve as the Competent Authority responsible for the organic production and labelling regulations and to set up and implement a national legislative framework ensuring that operators dealing in organic products are certified and adhere with the required provisions. The Directorate also performs monitoring controls through market surveillance to ensure that there is no production and marketing of organic produce which do not comply with the said regulations. 

Interested parties are to apply for certification​ to commence the process to attain certification as an organic operator throughout the marketing chain.

Legal Basis:


Legal Notice 15 of 2018 Organic Production and Labelling of Organic Products Regulations

EU Regulations:

Detailed information can be found in the hereunder listed Commission Regulations:

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