Organic Production and Labelling

Organic Production and Labelling

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​The Local Scene:

With a total surface area of the Utilised Agricultural Area (UAA) 10,254 hectares, Malta ranks to be the smallest country in Europe.

Organic agriculture occupies a relatively small part of the total agricultural acreage in Malta. With a share of approximately 0.2% (21.27Ha) Malta's organic farming is still not strongly developed compared to other EU countries. Our ambition is towards sustainable production and marketing of organic produce in line with the provisions found in the relative regulations for the organic sector.


To ensure that organic production and all processes throughout the food chain are adhered to with regards to the respective legislative provisions.

Legal Basis:


Legal Notice 15 of 2018 Organic Production and Labelling of Organic Products Regulations

EU Regulations:

Detailed information can be found in the hereunder listed Commission Regulations:

Directorates Role:

The Directorate’s role is to serve as the Competent Authority responsible for the organic production and labelling regulations and to set up and implement a national legislative framework ensuring that operators dealing in organic products are certified and adhere with the required provisions. The Directorate also performs monitoring controls through market surveillance to ensure that there is no production and marketing of organic produce which do not comply with the said regulations.

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