Agriculture Information Management (AIM)

The creation of the Agriculture Information Management (AIM) unit further consolidated the great importance and need for having reliable and validated data on Agriculture in the Maltese Islands. The data gathered will further assist in providing statistical data based on latest information for various notifications and reporting, while also support projects related to agriculture and contribute towards decision making. 

The unit is responsible for a number of different aspects including obtaining reliable data from different entities, validating this data and using it to create a true picture of the Agricultural sector in Malta and Gozo as well as monitor the reporting obligations as required under local and EU legislation. The data gathered is vast and ranges from animal related data such as number of animals being reared in a particular sector, type of animals reared to agricultural land and cultivated products related data such as area cultivated under different cultivations, farmer produce entering the local Pitkali markets and much more. The data gathered is crucial to better help plan and target incentives to the farming community in a more effective manner but also to help yield better results. 

The AIM unit is also responsible for the centralisation and monitoring of reporting obligations to both local and EU authorities in order that these notifications are notified in a timely manner to the respective entities through the appropriate platforms.  

The data collected is also valuable for the promotion of the local Agricultural industry including cultivation of crops, rearing of animals and products produced locally and at the same time it is a means to educate the general public about this industry for a much better appreciation.​