Agriculture Research and Innovation Hub (AGRIHUB)

Agriculture Research and Innovation Hub (AGRIHUB)

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​ In its vision the National Agricultural Policy for the Maltese Islands 2018 - 2028 envisages to provide state of the art services to the local farming community. To achieve these targets, the Ministry for Agriculture, Fisheries and Animal Rights has launched the Agricultural Research and Innovation Hub (AGRIHUB). The project aims at supporting innovative agriculture applicative research and implement pilot projects using the latest technology to provide support to farmers to help with their decision.

The support to farmers will be provided through the development of guidance documents from the data and information gathered through the pilot projects but also through the establishment of demonstration sites for farmers on integrated production using precision agriculture and the production of good quality fodder for livestock. 

The AgriHub project will create the required framework and platform to support the agriculture sector through research, weaning the sector away from the conservative approach. While also serving as the basis for a coordinated approach between researchers and farmers to embark on a more sustainable form of food production. Precision farming is based on the optimized management of inputs in a field according to actual crop needs. It involves data-based technologies, including satellite positioning systems like GPS, remote sensing and the internet, to manage crops and reduce the use of fertilizers, pesticides and water.

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In addition, the project will investigate sustainable solutions for the inputs required by livestock farms in Malta. It will examine which fodder and protein crops can be cultivated in Malta to substitute those that are imported locally by feed mills and importers. A shift towards locally-produced high-quality fodder and protein crops will reduce increasing reliance by the livestock sector on imported feed with its associated price volatility and carbon footprint. 

The cooperation through the formed partnership will bring together farmers, the academia, research institutions and the Maltese government with its farm advisory service AgriConnect​  to establish a framework and a platform for innovative agriculture research in the sector. The Agriculture Research and Innovation Hub will be the national centre in Malta where new and innovative technology and practices will be tested, and a demonstration site and a knowledge exchange centre for such technology and practices for farmers.

AgriHub is a collaboration between CIHEAM, MCAST and the Ministry for Agriculture, Fisheries and Animal Rights in Malta.