About Us

About Us

The aim of the Agriculture Directorate is to develop policies for the agricultural sector and at the same time ensuring implementation of EU legislation both for farms as well as agricultural products. In this regard, the Agriculture Directorate strives to ensure that through an effective regulatory framework, the sector adheres with the relevant obligations whilst ensuring a sustainable national agricultural industry.

The Directorate focuses on the following several sectors, divided into three main categories, as per below.

Agri-environmental matters: 

  • Implementation of the Nitrates Action Programme. 
  • Combating illegal logging and deforestation, through the EU Timber Regulation and the FLEGT Licensing Scheme.
  • Soil transfer permits
  • Reviewing applications from Planning Authority regarding agriculture related infrastructural developments 
  • Registering of parcels and land use 

Agricultural Markets: 

  • Organic production and labelling 
  • Viticulture (cultivation of grape vines) and Wine making (Oenology)
  • Olive Production and Cultivation
  • Marketing Standards of Fresh Fruit and Vegetables, 
  • Recognition  Producers’ Groups and Producer Organisation


Quality Schemes:

  • Organic production and labelling
  • Products of Quality National Scheme
  • Traditional Agro-Food Products of Malta