Mission Statement

Mission Statement


The mission of the Rural Affairs Department is to provide state of the art services and support to the local farming community in line with the National Agricultural Policy for the Maltese Islands 2018 – 2028, while also promoting the sustainable development of agriculture in Malta. This can be achieved by encouraging a robust and competitive agricultural sector which respects environmental and production standards while at the same time ensuring a good standard of living for the agricultural community.

The Rural Affairs Department is made up of two interlinked Directorates, the Agriculture Directorate and the Plant Protection Directorate. The Agriculture Directorate is multifaceted whereby it seeks to both assist and support local farmers, but also works towards the development of polices and the implementation of national and EU legislation within the sector. Both facets ensure that the agriculture sector in Malta produces fresh products of the highest of quality, while also protects the rural environment. 

On the other hand, the Plant Protection Directorate works as a regulating body to prevent the introduction and dispersion of pests and diseases harmful to plants. Such regulations safeguard the local production of high quality healthy seeds and other plant reproductive material, while also ensuring the conservation and sustainable use of local genetic resources. 

Both the Agriculture Directorate and the Plant Protection Directorate are working on crucial projects that seek to not only conserve but also boost the local agriculture sector.