Over the past few years, a substantial number of Maltese farmers have experienced significant difficulties in attaining and maintaining compliance with the often complex requirements of the Common Agricultural Policy, with various unfortunate consequences including sub-optimal uptake of opportunities for funding and/or support. AgriConnect as the government’s Farm Advisory Service provider for Malta fills this gap and strives to provide a free and holistic advisory service which ensures that  hard-working farmers in Malta and Gozo have access to the qualitative technical support which they need and deserve. Our goal is to support them in fully exploiting the fruit of their work, whilst catalysing the achievement of CAP objectives including those related to improving the environmental and climate-friendliness performance of their agricultural activities.  

AgriConnect supports farmers to achieve all the necessary compliance and technical requirements to access other types of funding and advisory support which can help them tap into diversification opportunities, produce higher quality and/or innovative products and farming techniques, and to plan and structure their farming business effectively in every respect. 

An office dedicated specifically to the implementation and operation of the FAS has been set up at Għammieri - Government Farm. Marsa. MRS 3303. 

Advisory Services

AgriConnect FAS provides its service in 4 subject areas, namely:
  1. Cross Compliance
  2. Agri-Environment Climate Measures (AECMs)
  3. Rural Development Programmes
  4. Use of New Technologies

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  • Greater compliance, with particular reference to Cross Compliance and legal obligations; 
  • Reduced error rate at national level attributable to farmer – level breeches;
  • Increased understanding of Rural Development Programme (RDP) measures by farmers;
  • Knowledgeable farmers capable of keeping records, maintaining crop plans, and reaching standard legal obligations trough specific training and personalized advice;
  • Increasing the level of business approach and entrepreneurship amongst agricultural stakeholders to improve the economic and financial state of farms and rural businesses;
  • Easy access to up-to-date relevant knowledge and information to all farmers and livestock breeders via a network of advisory services, organized courses and training, together with an on the spot advice facility;
  • Supporting farmers to take up and reap the benefits of new technologies, particularly e-services and m-services affected through the CAP which can simplify their public and private transactions.

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 Telephone  +356 21804981/2/4
Address - AgriConnect FAS, Government Farm Għammieri, Marsa, Malta.

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