Our Facilities

Our Facilities

​The Public Abattoir provides its slaughtering services through two slaughterlines, one for swine and small ruminants and a second slaughter line used for the slaughtering of bovines and equines.


Swine Slaughterline

The Swine Slaughterline has the capacity to slaughter around 100 pigs per hour that is an average of a pig every 36 seconds. This is the most heavily used slaughterline within the Public Abattoir and is operational on average four days a week, three days for the slaughtering of swine and one day for the slaughtering of small ruminants (goats and sheep).

Slaughtering of Bovines:

The Bovine Slaughterline has the capacity of 15 cows per hour, meaning that every 4 minutes a carcass is processed. The production unit functions once a week generally every Thursday, and an average of 70-100 cattle are processed. Actual slaughtering is dependent on the demand for such services by livestock breeders.

Conservation System:

The abattoir is equipped with 6 chillers, for the temporary chilling of carcass. These chillers are kept at a temperature between 0 to 4 degrees Celsius, so that the entire carcasses reaches 4°C prior to dispatch.

Cutting and Deboning Plant

In addition to slaughtering services, the Public Abattoir also provides cutting and deboning services carcasses slaughtered at the Abattoir. Such services are provided through a separate plant is housed within the Public Abattoir’s perimeter and directly connected to the Public Abattoir dispatch facilities.