Organisational Structure

Organisational Structure

The Public Abattoir is headed by Stefan Cachia as Director General, and includes a number of separate units responsible for its operations, classification, hygiene and cleanliness cleaning, maintenance and administration.

Mr Cachia joined the Public Abattoir as part of its senior management team in 2014, and was appointed Director General in October 2021. He joined the Public Service in 2003 and over the years has been involved in senior management in different roles. His area of expertise is cultural history, EU affairs and EU funding. 

Presently, the Public Abattoir employs around ninety people across its different functions. These include Slaughterline Butchers performing tasks related to the slaughter of the animals, the processing of the carcass, cutting and deboning, and on-farm emergency slaughter. Slaughterline Butchers have to undergo at least 480 hours of training prior to passing an ETC led trade test in order to be eligible for any relevant call for applications. Members of staff are also qualified in the classification of carcasses in terms of EC Regulation 1249/2008.

The Public Abattoir staff includes an engineer who is responsible for the implementation of the repairs and maintenance programme, thereby ensuring the Public Abattoir’s ability to provide its services on a day-to-day basis. The maintenance team is composed of various technical employees with skills equipment maintenance, refrigeration, plumbing and electricity, plastering and painting

Two qualified veterinarians fulfil the role of Slaughter line coordinators with the responsibility for the running of the slaughtering process il line with existing hygiene regulations and stringent animal welfare standards.​