Profile and Mission Statement

Profile and Mission Statement


The Public Abattoir is the only provider of services related to the slaughter for bovines, swine, equines and small ruminants in Malta.[1] Our philosophy is to provide such services in the cleanest and most hygienic manner, in line with rigorous animal welfare standards and together with our colleagues in the Veterinary Regulations Directorate ensure proper traceability from farm to shop. Our success is driven by our people and their commitment to get results the proper way, operating with responsibility to our clients (the farmers, the middlemen, the local meat industry and above all the consumers of red meat products in the Maltese islands).


Mission Statement

To provide high-quality slaughtering services in the most hygienic manner, whilst meeting stringent animal welfare and quality standards and ensuring the economic viability and sustainability of the Maltese livestock industry.


It is the government’s vision to upgrade the Public Abattoir from the present ‘average’ establishment to become a trend setter in the local meat industry, shedding the present image of poor quality and hygiene, and thereby becoming a showcase for quality in Maltese products.
It is Government’s goal to invest in the facility’s premises, equipment as well as (through training, proper procedures, monitoring and enforcement) human resources and quality control. Through such investment, the facility shall be transformed into a showcase where third parties can, through site and/or study visits) gain knowledge about the meat processing industry, hygiene standards etc.
This would also enhance the value added of Maltese meat products giving the consumers the opportunity of experiencing high quality standards, increasing the consumption of local meats as compared to the imported product.

[1] The Gozo abattoir is the only other, though much smaller, such establishment on the Maltese islands.