Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What services does the Public Abattoir provide ?

The Public Abattoir provides services related to the slaughter for bovines, swine, equines and small ruminants. Such services involve a number of processes, mainly: the slaughtering of said animal species; a service of cutting and deboning of carcasses in a separate hall; the dispatch of carcases to butcher shops or meat processors including the three-way cut of half-carcases; and disposal or recovery of animal by-products. The Public Abattoir also provides an on-farm emergency service for the said species of animals as well as assists educational establishments by providing them, subject to specific conditions, with carcass parts which they require to perform their didactic and/or research function. For more information, please see the dedicated web-pages.

Which Animals are slaughtered at the Public Abattoir ?

The Public Abattoir slaughters bovines (that is cattle – cows, bulls, heifers etc), swine (that is pigs – boars, sows etc), equines (that is horses) and small ruminants (that is sheep and goats including lambs and kids) for human consumption.

Who can bring Animals for Slaughter ?

It is only livestock-owners who are authorised to bring animals for slaughter. Livestock owners have to be registered as breeders with the Veterinary Regulations Department and abide by the applicable regulatory requirements, including concerning the transport of the animals in question to the public abattoir.  A livestock owner is required to book the slaughter of an animal at least 24 hours prior to the slaughtering date, taking into consideration the Public Abattoir’s Slaughtering Schedule

Can meat be bought from the Public Abattoir ?

No. The Public Abattoir does not sell meat, nor is it legal for meat to be sold by anyone from the Public Abattoir. The Abattoir only provides slaughtering services to livestock-owners who bring their animals over to the Public Abattoir and dispatched in appropriately refrigerated vehicles.

How long does it take to get an animal slaughtered and the meat taken out of the abattoir ?

Animals are slaughtered according to the weekly slaughtering schedule. Following a post-mortem inspection, the carcases are chilled to a temperature throughout the meat of not more than 3°C for Offal and 7°C for other meat. Meat shall only be dispatched once the whole carcase achieved these temperatures, and shall only be dispatched onto refrigerated trucks which can ensure that those temperatures are maintained during transport.