Cutting and Deboning Services

Cutting and Deboning Services

The Cutting and Deboning plant within the Public Abattoir allows for the cutting and deboning of carcases slaughtered within Public Abattoir’s facilities.

Cutting and deboning refers to the process whereby the split carcase [1] is cut into smaller pieces, which cuts are then dispatched for wholesale or retail sale, with unwanted parts (such as bones) discarded as animal-by-products.

There is no single way of cutting and deboning carcases with different cut-combinations being possible. By way of example, wholesale (also referred to as primal) cuts of beef from the forequarter include the shank, brisket, plate and rib. Similar cuts from the hindquarter include the flank, loin and round. Such wholesale cuts can be further cut into smaller retail cuts. Again by way of example, the loin may be cut into steaks. Sirloin steaks are cut first. The so-called short loin is cut for T-bone steaks; cut to about 10 cm from the end of the short loin. This tip portion can either be used as a roast or be cut into rib steaks.

Boning refers to the process through which meat-cuts have the bone/s removed. Meat may be boned, that is have the bone removed.

1: During the dressing process on the slaughterline, the carcase is split into two longitudinally.​