Agriculture Consultative Council

Agriculture Consultative Council

In 2014, the Minister for Sustainable Development, the Environment and Climate Change and the Parliamentary Secretary for Agriculture, Fisheries and Animal Rights, passed the Malta Agriculture Consultative Council Regulations. This was in line with government’s electoral promise to set up the  development of an advisory body in order to provide a forum for consultation and dialogue between the representatives of the various sectors of agriculture and the Government.


The Agriculture Consultative Council has been entrusted with the task of advising the Government through the Minister on issues relating to:

      (a)  agriculture, horticulture, floriculture, and viticulture; and

      (b)  breeding and rearing of livestock; and

      (c)   keeping of bees; and

      (d)   processing of agricultural products; and

      (e)   formulation and implementation of sustainable agricultural policies.


The chairperson is supported by seven technical experts in the fields of agricultural economy, agricultural marketing, the agro-industry sector, livestock nutrition, agronomy and soil science. There are also six Government members who are the Directors of the various MSDEC directorates. The Chairperson of the Crop Farming Committee and the Chairperson of the Livestock Sector Committee also form part of this council.  There is also a secretary for this council and the two Committees.​

Members of the two sub-committees shall have the opportunity to interact on various issues in their profession and communicate their concerns regarding  appraisal of opportunities for their agricultural commodities, increase in production and profits of farms, plus EU support of on-farm development and conservation practices.

With feedback from the two committees as well committee member input, the council shall be in a better position to assess prevailing issues in conjunction with the social, economic and environmental sustainability of Malta’s agriculture. The set-up of the council is specifically designed to ensure holistic appraisal through technical approaches. Effectively the Council shall be dedicated to representing the interests of the agricultural sector to government and the broader community, and to proactively building a greater potential for agriculture’s role in the Maltese economy, society and environment.

The ultimate vision is that the potential benefits of agricultural improvements shall be fully recognized to determine how to provide added value inputs for farmers so as to maximize the output of existing farms. Consequently the Agriculture Consultative Council will be able to provide the best advice to Government through the responsible Minister for the benefit of the farming sector, the environment plus national and global food security.

This year the Council met regularly to consider a number of proposals. It shall also be reviewing the agricultural policy issues proposed by a team of consultants engaged to develop a national Agricultural Policy .