Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1  Stray kittens are repeatedly being spotted in the same area.  To whom shall I report the  case.

A1   Do not touch the kittens.  Allow some time to see if the mother cat returns  to take care them.

If the mother cat does not turn up, pick up the kittens and check if their tummy is full to ensure that they are being fed.  Repeat the same procedure at 6 – 8 hour interval to see if the mother cat returns.   However, if the eyes of the kittens have pus on them or the kittens look generally sick call the Animal Welfare Ambulance on 1717 so that they will come and check them.  Should they need to be hospitalised, it would be ideal to find the mother cat too.

Q2 –  A dog/cat has been hit by a car.  Whom shall I call for assistance?

A2  Call Animal Welfare on 1717  immediately.  Stop your car in a position that would prevent further hits and put on the hazard lights.  If you have any towel or cloth in the car, cover the animal leaving the head exposed.

Q3   A dog is found dead on the spot.  Whom shall I contact?

A3  Call Animal Welfare on 1717.

In line with legislation, the Animal Welfare Directorate will come on site to verify if the dog is microchipped or otherwise even though it is dead.   The Animal Welfare Directorate will then inform the owner of the dog about the outcome.  

Q4   A friendly dog is seen roaming about.  How shall I proceed?

A4   Call Animal Welfare on 1717. 

If the dog is not aggressive hold it until the Animal Welfare Ambulance arrives on site Otherwise, keep an eye on the dog to make sure that it does not get hurt and also to guide the ambulance team is about the exact location.

Q5  My pet is very sick.  Can the Animal Welfare Directorate assist?

A5   Animal Welfare Ambulance caters only for stray animals.   However, should you require, the Animal Welfare Directorate can provide you with  contact numbers of a private animal ambulance or veterinarians who carry out private house visits or the animal hospital which provide a 24/7 service

Q6   I found some sick cats in my colony.  As a feeder, whom shall I call for assistance?

A6   The Animal Welfare Directorate can help you catch sick cats from your colony.  You may then have to decide whether you are to continue taking care of the cat and take it to a private veterinarian yourself or leave it in the care of  the Animal Welfare Directorate, depending on a number of conditions.

Q7   Stray animals are in a poor state.  Whom shall I inform?

A7  To report poor welfare state or abuse of animals,  you may either:

  1.  call Animal Welfare on 1717 In such case, you may opt  to give contact details to help the Animal Welfare Officers to identify the location or remain anonymous; or 
  2.  send e-mail on or
  3.  make a report through the Animal Welfare Mobile Application.

 Details of person making the call are never made accessible  to the offender.

Q8  My neighbour’s dog is constantly barking.  To whom shall I report the case?

A8   The Animal Welfare Directorate will investigate all reports lodged.     If the dog is well kept in an acceptable environment, then the case does no longer fall under the remit of the Animal Welfare Directorate but under the remit of the Police.

Q9   My dog ran away.  How shall I proceed?

A9 – You may wish to file a Police Report at the nearest police station.  In addition, you may either 

  1.  send an email to  with the description and/or photo of the dog and any other useful information together with contact details; or
  2. call 1717 and give the description of the dog and any other useful information together with contact details. 
  3. Upload photo on the Malta Animal Welfare app.

It is important to microchip your dog and to update the register in case of any changes so that it will be easier to trace it should any mishap occur.